How to Find the Best Reno Family Dental Office

How to Find the Best Reno Family Dental Office

Whether you’re new to the Reno area or are just looking for a Reno family dental office to become a member of, you may have noticed there are many to choose from. When it comes to finding the right Reno family dentist for you, there are several things to consider which will help narrow down your search. Insurance coverage is a major factor, but aside from that, things such as availability and quality of service should also be taken into consideration. 

It can be daunting putting the oral health of you and your family in someone else’s hands. To find quality Reno family dental care, take a look at some of the tips we’ve compiled below!  

What To Look For In A Reno Family Dentist 

A quality Reno dentist will not only provide the best dental care to maintain or improve your oral health, but will also make you feel comfortable coming in for teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, x-rays, and all other family dental services. From scheduling your appointment to sitting in the dental chair, the number one priority at South Reno Dental is ensuring your family has a pleasant experience. 

Before scheduling a dental appointment with a new Reno family dentist, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Are they accepting new patients? Many dental offices have long waitlists or are booked out for months and as a result, are not accepting new patients. 
  • How long have they been practicing family dental care? Experience is a key factor when searching for a reputable dentist.
  • Do they offer dentistry for kids? Not all dentists can or will work with children. And if your little one is already afraid of the dentist, exposing them to a poor dental experience can significantly impact their feelings about seeking dental care in the future. 
  • Does the dental office have same-day cleanings available? Some patients struggle to schedule appointments in advance due to other commitments and would prefer to schedule a same-day appointment. 
  • What is the dental office’s policy on missed appointments or showing up late? See what the dental office’s policies are and assess whether they align with your needs.
  • Are there payment plans available? Some dental offices offer payment plans for dental services that exceed a certain amount.
  • Is the dentist in-network with your dental insurance? Dental services can get expensive, but insurance coverage makes the cost much more manageable. Be sure to connect with your insurance provider to find dental offices that are in your network. 

Book a Dental Appointment with South Reno Dental in Reno, NV

Your family deserves the best dental care possible, so it’s important that you find a Reno family dental office that will provide just that. South Reno Dental is a family dentistry practice that offers convenient, quality dental care to Reno and its surrounding areas. From dental cleanings and x-rays to oral sedation and emergency dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services to your family. We hope to make all of our patients, whether they’ve been with us since the beginning or are new dental patients, feel comfortable and welcome in our office.

Connect with us today to schedule a same-day cleaning or other dental appointments!

South Reno Dental's Reviews Say It All

“I really love them at South Reno Dental!! Their staff was nothing but kind and understanding with my anxiety about getting dental work done! I had some massive work that needed to be done as I waited 14 years. They were professional and courteous. I will be recommending them to everyone I know!” - Ashley Nannenhorn 

“Dr. Teala and this office are amazing. They treat you like family and don’t make you wait to get in when you have an emergency. I would recommend this office to everyone. Dr. Teala makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed.” - Natalie Nelson 

“We bring our entire family to South Reno Dental. They are courteous and professional and very patient with my little one. I highly recommend them.” - Damon Fischer 

“I really felt at home and cared for. Their staff were friendly and professional. I’ll be making her my regular dentist. My search is over!” - Kim Stepanek

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