New Patients

New Patients: What to Expect

Dr. Jelena Abdagic and the entire South Reno Dental team are excited to welcome new patients to our practice in Reno, Nevada! Upon entering the office, all patients are warmly greeted by our front office staff. New patients will be checked in and provided with any necessary paperwork to fill out before being called back.

For your added convenience, you may fill these out in advance:

New Patient Adult FormsNew Patient Child Forms

Depending on the nature of the visit, the dentist may request X-rays to be taken. New patients will be asked a series of questions concerning their dental history to provide a comprehensive look at any prior procedures and/or existing concerns. This provides the dental team with a foundation for developing an individualized care plan.

Oral cancer screenings are completed on all new patients, as well as on returning patients at every hygiene visit. Early detection of cancer or any precancerous indicators greatly improves a patient's chance of embarking on successful treatment, which is why our office is passionate about these screenings. 

Creating a Positive Patient Experience

During the first visit and all recurring visits, we strive to create a positive experience in a relaxing environment. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary or stressful and our team of highly trained professionals is adept at ameliorating any concerns and finding creative solutions to meet a range of dental health needs. 

To create a soothing ambiance, music is piped throughout the office and basic comforts such as neck pillows and lip balm are provided while patients are at their appointment. The first visit provides an opportunity for patients to become acquainted with the team at South Reno Dental and become familiar with the range of services that are offered. We're excited for the chance to make an extraordinary first impression.

Financing & Insurance Information

First of all, we'd like to thank you for considering making South Reno Dental your family's dental provider. We believe that tailored dental care includes personalized financing options, which is why we provide several courses of action for covering your visit. 

At South Reno Dental, we firmly believe that all patients deserve comprehensive and affordable dental care. We're happy to file insurance on behalf of our patients and for new patients out of network, we accept Assignment of Benefits. Our office will ensure that your benefits are being maximized. Patients may pay their estimated portion upfront. To make this convenient, we accept all major credit cards.

For patients covered by insurance, our practice is proud to offer The Dental Concierge Club Premium Membership. The club enhances current coverage and includes immediate eligibility, special offers, and instant rewards. For patients without dental insurance, we offer the Premium Plus enhancement which includes a free dental exam, a free cleaning, and free X-rays deemed necessary by the dentist. This is a $700+ value for an annual fee of $186. Patients can call (775) 344-4430 and somebody will be happy to discuss the plan and alleviate any financial concerns.

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